Monday, November 1, 2010

Recap of "Culture, Identity, and Communication in Contemporary Mural Art"

Bamidele Demerson, Executive Director of the International Civil Rights Museum, led a gallery talk on October 29th, at Associated Artists, titled "Culture, Identity, and Communication in Contemporary Mural Art"

This event coincided with the Cultural Crossroads exhibition, juried by prominent artist and muralist Colin Quashie

During his gallery talk, Mr. Demerson discussed work by several artists in the exhibition including the work "Faith Healing" by Kathryn Cook (shown above).  Other artists whose work he mentioned included Shawn Beard,  Diane Nations, and Lisa Travis.

Above: Mr. Demerson discusses the musical themes in a mural by Aaron Douglas.  This mural, titled "An Idyll of the Deep South" is located in Harlem in NYC.  He went into detail descriptions about several murals by african american artists and artists from all over the world.  Each mural's themes, symbolism, interpretations, and meanings were discussed.

Mr. Demerson made the statement that "every time you look at a painting or a mural, you stand at a cultural crossroads between the artist's intention and your own perception." 

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