Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cultural Crossroads - Lineup of Events

ABOUT  Cultural Crossroads
Associated Artists will open our third annual Cultural Crossroads exhibition on Thursday October 14th. Over 300 entries were submitted this year, from as far away as Indonesia. Of these, artist and show juror Colin Quashie has selected 74 for acceptance and exhibition.

As an artist, Quashie is known for provocative pieces which challenge mainstream perceptions of race, culture, and history. We are honored to have him with us for the reception. Additionally, we bring Bamidele Demerson, Executive Director of the International Civil Rights Museum, to our gallery on Thursday October 28th for a special gallery talk: "Culture, Identity, ..... Contemporary Mural Art."

As always, the reception and gallery talk at AAWS are free and open to the public. Additional information is available on our website.  Special discounts on rooms for out of town visitors are offered by The Hawthorne Inn.


This exhibition is proudly presented by Seth Moskowitz. Additional support has been provided by the Reynolds American Foundation, Salem Senior Housing, The Hispanic League, Tuggle Duggins, Park West Salon, Hawthorne Inn, Vicki Schober, Piers Clarkson, The Hispanic Arts Initiative, and Clarks Group.

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, October 14, 5-7pm
Juror's remarks and artist awards will be presented at 6 PM. 
Music by Hispanic Arts Initiative

All wine provided by Total Wine & More of Winston-Salem.

Food provided by Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe', Hutch & Harris, Downtown Thai, Rana Loca, & The Grilled Asparagus, in addition to AAWS member volunteers.

Cost: FREE

MEET THE JUROR: Colin Quashie

Charleston artist Colin Quashie was recently commissioned by the UNC school of business to paint one of their "Missing History Murals." His mural commemorated the Woolworth's sit in of 1960. "Quashie's art faces off against hard issues of culture, politics and race with a self-conscious awareness that often offends (or disturbs) black, white and other; he discriminates with equality and equanimity. Operating in the tradition of the French avant-garde artists, Quashie challenges the status quo mentality and functioning on frustration with the vision of the masses." -quote from

Colin Quashie's website:
Colin Quashie's blog:

GALLERY TALK:  Thursday, October 28, 7pm

"Culture, Identity, and Communication in Contemporary Mural Art"

Is what you see the story the artist intended you to see?  Bamidele Demerson, Executive Director of the International Civil Rights Center in Greensboro NC, will present a talk on mural art as a tool for communication. Examples of contemporary murals will be shown, and various historical, anthropological, and sociological perspectives reflecting show themes will be discussed.  Cost: FREE

The International Civil Rights Center commemorates the 1960 sit-in at the Greensboro five & dime store, Woolworth's. The museum was opened in February 2009, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of that event. The center serves as a repository for information and artifacts, as well as a teaching center and museum. Hours and information for planning your visit are at

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