Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marketing Your Art Presentation Recap

Thanks to all of the wonderful presenters for our "Marketing Your Art" presentation on June 26th.  Associated Artists of Winston-Salem was thrilled to be able to offer a three part presentation with Winston-Salem Monthly Editor Emily-Sarah Lineback, artist Pat Spainhour, and the generous folks from http://www.cityofthearts.org/

Part I  We learned lots of tips about how to get the word out about your art in the local media.  Emily-Sarah Lineback offered advice about how to write news releases, put together press kits, and find out how to contact local arts writers and editors.  She offered a wealth of informative tricks of the trade about how to get your materials noticed by the right people in the media.  These were tidbits of info that only an editor is privy to - and she also gave encouraging words of wisdom to all aspiring artists. 

above: a picture of the new July 2010 cover of Winston-Salem Monthly

Part II  Next up was Pat Spainhour, an experienced local artists, art teacher, and AAWS member.  Having spent years of trial and error with her own art marketing, Pat was able to give advice to those who are new to the promotion game from one who has experienced the ups and downs of being an artist.  One great tool she mentioned was "The Artist's Guide," a book by Jane Battenfield.   Several people in the audience agreed that this book is a must-have for all aspiring (or established) artists!

above: Pat Spainhour shares her knowledge. Thanks Pat!!! http://www.patspainhour.com/

Part III  The folks from CityoftheArts.com gave us an in depth overview of the current and upcoming features of the interactive website http://www.cityofthearts.com/.  We will probably do another workshop in the future once all of their artist features have gone live, as there will be more bells and whistles to come!  Audience members learned how to post events, register, and got a sneak peak at the artist profile and art marketplace feature.

above: Siobhan Olsen of http://www.cityofthearts.com/ gives a detailed tour of their new interactive site!

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