Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marbled Silk Scarves Workshop

On Wednesday afternoon former NY gown designer and fabric artist Bill Colvard led a fabulous workshop at Associated Artists!

Each participant was given a blank white silk scarf and instruction on how to create gorgeous marbled effects using acrylic paints. No two were alike at the end of the day - not even close! All are simply gorgeous, though, and the feedback afterwards was a resounding "More! More! More!"

We sell Bill's scarves here in our gift shop. After taking the workshop I can fully attest that his prices are a steal!

Here are a few photos...

And yes!We will indeed offer this one again. Keep an eye on our website or sign up for our Weekly Notes so that you'll be in the know when a date is set.

Adding paint to the size to get started:

Using a giant rake to create the marbled effects:

Bill's finished demo:

Our Director made this one:

And this one was done by AAWS Member Annie New. I love her cool color choices, and bold design!

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  1. Great Post Sharon!!!
    I feel like such a celeb.
    I had my marbled scarves at Piedmont Club tonite. Told all who kvetched about driving to Elkin that they were indeed available mere blocks away at AAWS. So expect an onslaught of small-town-travelphobic rich folk at any moment.