Friday, February 26, 2010


On Thursday evening, Feb 25th, Associated Artists hosted an opening reception for our new show: 1+.

This is a special exhibit - in which each artist had to create a piece collaboratively, working with at least one other person. Some worked with a child... a grandchild... and some worked with another artist.

One special piece was created by Shawn Beard, AP Art teacher at the Career Center with Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools. Beard worked with 6 of his students to do a painting of Haiti - figures, and images of the mountains. Proceeds from the piece (if sold!) will be donated to the Haiti relief efforts through the local chapter of The American Red Cross.

Another teacher, Mary Bailey Thomas - photography instructor from Forsyth Country Day School, did 6 separate pieces, each with a different student. The hand-colored and altered photographs are individually unique yet together form a beautiful series of work.

One more great idea came from our volunteer show chair, Chad Beroth, who hung a trio of blank canvases in the gallery. Below these canvases letters form the word "COLLABORATE" - and a variety of art supplies are on hand for visitors to share in the process of creating a canvas by the community.

We hope you can make it by to see this wonderful exhibit!

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  1. Love the piece in the center - orange and blue - dreamy bird... created by Bo Gray and Beth Speiler